Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Don't Forget the NAU/ SPP Conspiracy

Just so we don't let the current government-wide NAU conspiracy slip into oblivion through complacency, here is the CNN's Lou Dodd Feb, 2007 interview with Accuracy in Media (AIM) editor, Cliff Kincaid:

For more background information on the push for globalization and the elitist's Trilateral Commision, founded by David Rockerfeller, go to:

The August Review

How to understand Globalization:

1. Follow the money, follow the power
2. Discern illusion from reality, especially with media outlets
3. Listen to experts who offer a meaningful critique
4. Study & verify sources and footnotes
5. Apply liberal doses of common sense

Once an understanding is gained of how the power brokers work by advancing the WTO and the "Free Trade Agreements", NAFTA and the Security and Prosperity Partnerships through NGO affiliations, their goals of "unifying North America" become evident. Then the phenomenon of the relaxed border security with Mexico, and the government's acceptance of the horde of illegal aliens (Mexicans) begins to make sense. (see rule 1. Follow the money) The end-run around Congress is being achieved by "trade agreements" and otherwise sneeky (and cheeky) agreements through the Executive Branch of our government.

When researching the SPP's last year, this is what I found.

In essence, this is a vast left-wing and right-wing conspiracy, with the strings being pulled by the elitists with money and power to exert influence wherever and whenever they choose. The Robber Barrons of the 20th Century have become the driving force to control the world today; by amassing unprecedented money and power, there is literally nowhere in the world they don't exert enormous pressure to adopt their ideas and agendas. Too much money in the wrong hands. Too much money in anybody's hands! It is high time the Leftist philanthropies gave up this insane push for a Utopian world.

The Wall Street Journal offers a ray of hope in the way the liberal left philanthropies are beginning to operate. According to James Piereson, they are beginning to operate as conservative philanthropies. Go figure. Instead of throwing indecent gobs of dollars at hopeless feel-good initiatives, they are beginning to contribute money with an emphasis on "real-world outcomes". Let's pray that their pattern of funding endowments continues alongside the conservative philanthropies, that entropy finally brings the Carnegies and the Rockerfellers to their senses, and that they truly become a force for social good.

The time of influence of the old hippy academics, for whom it was always just a game anyway, is waning. If the Soros-type money that was keeping them fat all along dries up in the next couple of decades, maybe all that cultural humanist drivel will simply dry up with them. One can always hope.

Robert O. Bothwell provides an overview of the role of philanthropy organizations: What Has Philanthropy Done To Counter The Decline Of Progressive Policy?

When the founding fathers established our Constitution, the power to govern was hierarchical in nature, even though we in school were taught that the "Balance of Powers" would be sufficient to establish order and fairness in government. It hasn't turned out that way at all. In fact, the Legislative Branch was supposed to be the ruling power, the Executive Branch was to have much-diminished powers, and the Judicial Branch very little power. But it devolved into a much different arrangement in the latter half of the 20th Century. Indeed, everything is out of sync, out of reach of the consent of the governed. It's no secret that the two political parties the American people rely on are, operationally, barely distinguishable. Or that the federal judiciary, once a very minor player, is a major force for cultural change for Leftist ideology, arrogantly legislating from the bench.

Whether there will be a return to Reason in the first half of the 21st Century, or a continuance toward a Totalitarian Democracy, a Cultural Marxism, in which the individual sovereign citizen is stripped of his dignity and strength, in favor of a Socialist hegemony, depends in large measure upon each of our 50 states' desire and will to remain autonomous and independent, and also whether or not the federal judiciary plays an honest role in interpreting our Constitution. Congress has the power, if not the will, to reassume it's right and proper role in American government.